Chin-up Tuesday #3

graphic of the words 'only for now' under an umbrella


Wow. What a crazy few weeks it’s been. Today as my inspirational (sort of) quote, I’ve chosen the name of a song that I love from the musical Avenue Q, as a reminder that everything will pass. The song itself brings me a lot of comfort: it’s about appreciating what you have and not stressing the small stuff, because both will soon be gone. Kind of positive motivation and kind of comforting nihilism. I’m including a link here because I want everyone to appreciate its wisdom (and if you’re wondering why some of the voices are weird it’s because Avenue Q is a musical about puppets – a sort of grown-up Sesame Street) (and it’s also really really good!).

Here’s my rather short look-forward-to list:

  1. One of my intensive classes finishes this week, which aside from being a massive relief will also free up an extra day for me during the week. Phew! As of next week I’ll have spare day to play with (ie to catch up on work with). So keen for that! An extra bit of time opens up so many possibilities.
  2. I’m really into enamel pins right now. I bought this lovely lady the other day and I’m a bit excited for her to arrive (it’s the little things, right?)

The whole point this exercise was to make sure I have exciting/fun things coming up to keep me going (no matter how big or small). As I’ve now run out of things at a measly 2, I’ve got to try and make some good things to help me through the next few weeks. Time to plan some movie dates/catch-ups/beach excursions…

Hope you’re doing well! Keep on getting excited about things!

Chin-up Tuesday #2

All the motivational posters in this series are my own!

Time for another bout of Tuesday motivation.

I found this quote in my journal from last year and it still resonates with me. I think it’s very useful to remember that everything you learn will help you later on, whether it’s academic or practical or even just something like figuring out how to deal with a certain type of person. You’re not wasting your time – no matter how boring or irrelevant or seemingly useless, it will all come together to help you build and refine your understanding of the world. (As far as I can recall, this was the article that got me on this train of thought sometime last year.)


Here’s my look-forward-to list for this week:

New laptop
My current one is very, very slow, so I’m treating myself to something flash when I go back to uni next week. I think I need some reward for working (almost) full time over the summer holidays when I could have been at the beach, or doing creative things, or at the very least working somewhere…else.

Blog with Pip
I’m starting a blogging e-course next week! It’s run by Pip from Meet Me at Mikes, who is lovely and runs one of the only blogs I’ve consistently followed and enjoyed ever since I first found out that blogging was a thing back in 2009. So that’s all a bit exciting.

I’ve never been to an orientation day in my life before, but apparently it’s time to buck the trend because Ali Barter is going to be there and she is a GEM and a LEGEND. Give her song ‘Girlie Bits‘ a listen if you haven’t already, it’s a banger.

I know I put this on my last list, but now it’s official. It’s a Thing. A Thing that is really happening. My flights are booked and my ticket is bought. Ohmygod.


Chin-up Tuesday


Lyrics: Ben Howard, design (including type): myself

I don’t know about you, but I’ve well and truly got the back-to-work blues. Now that Hottest 100 Day is over and Christmas is but a fleeting memory, the months ahead look long and bleak.

I’ve found in the past that writing down the things I’m looking forward to is a good way to keep my spirits up, so I thought I’d try and do it every Tuesday and post it up here, along with a cheery/interesting quote or something. I am not as such a motivational quote kind of gal, but I  guess we all need a little help sometimes.

My look-forward-to list:

Now that the season of spontanaeity is over and I can go back to having some semblance of a routine, I’m excited to get back into pilates and start doing it properly, a couple of times a week. I have a twelve-class pass for my favorite light, airy, slightly hippie pilates studio which also happens to be on my way home from work, so I have no excuses.

I’m scheduling in some me time to go secondhand shopping on my day off this week. There’s nothing I enjoy more than an afternoon spent exploring new (to me) op shops in different parts of the city. With a stopover in the middle for tea and cake/ice cream, of course.

While this is definitely not 100% confirmed yet, I’m super keen on the idea of a trip to California to go to Vidcon in June. There are some Youtubers I’ve been watching for years that I’d really like to meet (or at least attend a show or panel of) before this whole thing blows over/I get too old to be a fangirl. Really hoping this will all work out.