Making my own candles


Did you know it’s actually really easy to make your own scented candles? I didn’t, until a few days ago. But it is! And they are lovely!

I’m not sure if I believe all the rumours about scented candles bringing toxic chemicals into our homes, but it’s nice to know what goes into them anyway. I made the ones above using beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils (lemon myrtle, peppermint and mandarin). The scent of the oils is quite faint and the lovely fresh beeswaxy smell takes over a little – but that’s just fine with me. From what I’ve read, beeswax doesn’t hold the scent of the essential oils so well, so if you want something stronger then soy wax is the go. That’ll be my next candle-making venture, I think.


I made my candles with reference to these two tutorials, but not following either one exactly because that’s just how I roll. It’s really just a melt-and-pour process so you can’t mess it up too badly – or so I thought. My first batch tunnelled (i.e. they burnt down the middle instead of spreading out and melting all the wax) so I had to remelt and add a lot more coconut oil, which will hopefully make them softer and melty-er.

I think once you get the hang of it and perfect your wax to oil ratio and container size to wick size ratio, making your own candles is a lot of fun. It’s also a lot cheaper than store-bought candles and you can choose your own containers (I got mine from op-shops!) and customise the scents exactly how you like. It’s one of the simplest but most satisfying crafts I’ve tried, and I’ll definitely be making more soon.