Freshly minted favorites


Mint is apparently my colour du jour. Light, airy, and somehow both modern and vintage, I can’t get enough of it.

Here some of the mint(ish) things I’m digging this month:

  1. T2 China Jasmine tea
    I’m a picky green tea drinker. It has to be jasmine and it apparently has to be from T2. I’ve tried many many supermarket brands but none of them seem to have that strong, flower-y, jasmine-y flavour that this one does. I don’t know if it’s ‘authentic’ but I do know it’s pretty damn good.
  2. Models Prefer lip balm in ‘creme caramel’
    I’m not mad on the flavour, but this goes on like a dream – and it lasts. This lip balm aficionado is impressed. The only slight drawback is the packaging – cute, but kind of annoying to squeeze into a pocket or going-out clutch.
  3. Instax Mini 8 camera
    The boy bought me this for our anniversary and I am loving it! Aside from being v pretty, it also takes decent-quality snaps and is perfect for taking selfies with pals to document all the good times. May possibly be the gateway drug for film photography. Slightly concerned for my bank
  4. Not the Van Gogh (although that is an eternal fave). I’m talking about the doona cover! I don’t know the brand but I got it from Spotlight for about $11.95 or something ridiculous, and it’s so pretty. So cool! So on-trend! Yum.

I’m off to drink some green tea now. Toodlepip!

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