Loud nights and quiet mornings


Last weekend was a crazy one. Friday night out with the gal pals (starting with a cheeky drink at the house of a friend and her seven gorgeous puppies… we know how to have a good time), Saturday night with the boy for some Fringe fest fun, and Sunday night out with a small group of friends which expanded rapidly as we bumped into everyone we knew and had ever known at the local Sunday spot. Pretty damn good all round.

Come Monday (my day off), however, I was well and truly ready for some quiet creative time. By some miracle I woke up early and hangover-free; and while the boy was still dead to the world I crept out to what I pretentiously call my ‘studio space’.


I appreciated those few quiet hours more than I can say. With two jobs, preparations for an honours year and various social and volunteer commitments taking up my time, hours to spend on journalling, painting and thinking are few and far between – and even when I have them I rarely have the energy to do anything with them.

So this is a reminder to myself, and to you: find the time to do what makes you feel relaxed and happy, even if it seems unproductive. Time spent being creative is never wasted.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get into the habit of early-rising to fit in a bit of sketchbook time before work, but… let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I am aggressively anti-mornings. Or rather, aggressively anti-getting-up-more-than-one-second-before-you-absolutely-have-to. So I’m definitely not making any promises, but I’m going to try.

New year and all that.

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